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encouraging artists to unite and push the boundaries of art that inspires change in our communities.

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Founded in 2013, Artists Ink is a multidisciplinary arts organization born out of East Salinas, our focus is to produce quality and versatile art that gives a voice to the experiences and history of our community. Artists Ink believes in empowering our youth through use of the arts as a vehicle for personal and social change. By equipping them with professional knowledge and skills we are inspiring the next generation to pursue the arts as a career and value themselves as the unique and dynamic individuals they are. We aspire to provide a space where professional artists and students can experiment, collaborate, and grow. 

Coming Soon:
Salinas Movement Project AR (app)

Inspired and informed by the “Salinas Youth Voice Report” our Creative Leaders have developed a new interactive and augmented reality app that allows you to explore and contribute to our community story. Built to take place at the Cesar Chavez Library, this special app allows you to choose an avatar, go on site-specific scavenger hunts, see animated artworks, all while exploring our local Library and learning about issues of our community and resources to combat them.

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