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Inspired and informed by the "Salinas Youth Voice Report" our new interactive app is an augmented reality game that allows you to explore and contribute to our community story. Through this special app you can choose an avatar, go on site-specific scavenger hunts, see animated artworks, all while learning about issues of our community and how to combat them.

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ReAlisal: Stories of East Salinas

In honor and celebration of East Salinas, Baktun12 and Artists Ink are collaborating in producing"ReAlisal Stories of East Salinas", written by Batkun12’s Luis xago Juárez. This production features stories of our community's unsung heroes from yesterday and today that have made this a cherished neighborhood.

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La Posada Magica

A special production of Octavio Solis' "La Posada Magica" presented in East Salinas at the Alisal Center for the Fine Arts. Get in the Christmas spirit with this spectacular presentation of community celebration. Coming this Christmas 2019!

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