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Founded in 2013, Artists Ink’s mission has always been to develop impactful art/artists while honing youth voices and empowering them to take both their future and that of their communities into their own hands. Composed of Graphic designers, animators, directors, writers, performers and sound designers. 

Art Unmasked
Virtual Open Mic

Art Unmasked will broadcast live on
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Coming Soon:
Salinas Movement Project AR (app)

Inspired and informed by the “Salinas Youth Voice Report” our Creative Leaders have developed a new interactive and augmented reality app that allows you to explore and contribute to our community story. Built to take place at the Cesar Chavez Library, this special app allows you to choose an avatar, go on site-specific scavenger hunts, see animated artworks, all while exploring our local Library and learning about issues of our community and resources to combat them.

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