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Artists Ink is proud to introduce the Salinas Movement Project (SMP) an augmented reality app. The SMP app extends the story of three characters based on the original play of the same name from 2017, while using analytics from the 2016 report titled Salinas Youth Voice Report, which asked the question “What is it like to be a youth in Salinas?”. 

Inspired and informed by the “Salinas Youth Voice Report” our Creative Leaders have developed a new interactive and augmented reality app that allows you to explore and contribute to our community story. Built to take place at the Cesar Chavez Library, this special app allows you to choose an avatar, go on site-specific scavenger hunts, see animated artworks, all while exploring our local Library and learning about issues of our community and resources to combat them

After the successful development of The Salinas Movement Project (SMP)VOL 1 (a 35min live theatrical presentation that incorporated film, photography, spoken word, music, graphic design, animation, and interactive apps) Artists Ink is excited to develop the newest installment of this project. The “Salinas Movement Project: Augmented Reality”, is a site-specific interactive app/game that encourages audiences to explore the stories and experiences of East Salinas youth while inspiring them to take positive action.

The idea behind the augmented reality app began when the Artists Ink students gained interested in continuing the story that began in the original Salinas Movement Project. When augmented reality was presented to the students as a way of continuing the story, it was a perfect match as there is no better way to reach today’s youth, but by using today’s technology. Each character will guide the user through their story living as a youth in Salinas. Once the user completes each story, the app will ask if the user would like to share their story. 

Salinas Movement Project (SMP) the augmented reality app will begin exclusively at Caesar Chavez Library, but will expand into other locations in the near future. The app will be downloadable in the Apple Store and Google Play in 2019

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