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Artists Ink Presents:
La Tierra madre

Artists Ink internship with Wester Stage is proud to present our latest collaborative production “La Tierra Madre: An Open Letter to Humanity” a performance by creative leader-member Yameli Manriquez. “La Tierra Madre” is a dramatic monologue from the point of view of our Mother Earth. Yameli speaks her words, pouring her heart into each breath taken, as she reflects on the harm humanity has dealt on her lands, oceans, skies, and to themselves. Pushing Mother Earth to her limits, as she has no other choice, but to take action in hopes of saving herself.


Art Unmasked

Virtual Open Mic

Artists Ink and The Salinas Valley Arts and Innovation Hub in collaboration with DigitalNEST and the Hartnell College Foundation are proud to present “Art Unmasked” a virtual open mic, open to all artists of all ages. Art Unmasked will take place on June 5, 2020. The event begins at 7pm and end at 9pm. 

Art Unmasked came together because the youth of Artists Ink and the students that represent The Salinas Valley Arts and Innovation Hub were forced to cancel/postpone their spring/summer 2020 events. This leads both organizations to join forces and create a virtual event for the community.  

Artists Ink Presents:
La Posada Magica

Artist’s Ink is proud to present its first Christmas show “La Posada Magica”, a play written by Octavio Solis and composed by Marcos Loya. The play will run from December 6, 2019 to December 15, 2019

During the holiday season every child is anxiously waiting for the arrival of Santa Clause as he brings gifts to all the good children in the world, but the people of Mexico, and many Mexican Americans in the United States wait for the “Posada”, A religious festival celebrating the journey of Mary and Joseph from Nazareth to Bethlehem in search of a safe refuge for Mary to give birth.

Through this “Posada” a young girl rediscovers her faith in community and simultaneously, her Christmas spirit. Originally written for the community of San Diego, this rendition of the beloved christmas production will be revised to include references that are specific to the Alisal Community from the set design, costumes and script.


TXO: SUMMER Variety Show

Botanica de Memorias

Written, directed and performed by our TXO troupe this production is bound to be variety show like no other! Full of tales that share our family histories, comedies, tragedies and more all told through different styles of theater, music, animation, and film.

Stories of East Salinas

In honor and celebration of the rich history and people of the East Salinas, Baktun12 and Artists Ink are collaborating in producing”ReAlisal Stories of East Salinas”, written by Batkun12’s Luis xago Juárez. This production features stories of our community’s unsung heroes from yesterday and today that have made this a cherished neighborhood. Simultaneously this production challenges misperceptions that continue to plague the Eastside today. Performed by both current Alisal High School students and Artists Ink mentors, “ReAlisal: Stories of East Salinas” will have its second staged reading at the Western Stage as well as Alisal High School on March 2019. This reading will be performed not only for live audiences but also broadcasted via local podcasts to allow members to tune in. Special to this production, Artists Ink & Baktun12 will be developing study guides that will provide more context and info about the history of the Alisal for all audiences.

ReAlisal 8x11.5 2019

The Salinas Movement Project Vol I: The Play

SMP is a 45min live theatrical presentation that incorporates film, photography, spoken word, music, graphic design, animation, and interactive apps that create a unique experience. Developed as the first installment of many to come, The Salinas Movement Project (Vol.1) addresses issues that impact us both locally and nationally, such as; Police Brutality, School-to-prison-pipeline, and immigration reform. Written by Artists Ink Leaders, in Nov 2016 the first version of this production was performed in March 2017, and with the help of community feedback and dialogue, SMP had its first revised staged reading in May 2017. Now with much care and love, the production is where it was always meant to be, in the hands of the youth. After their first premiere in Nov 2017, the youth have taken the script and revised it to incorporate their stories and what they feel is important to voice about their community.  This production has toured in the schools and in the local and nearby communities, in locations like Alisal High School, Alisal Center for Fine arts, CSUMB Salinas City Center for Arts & Culture and at MILPA’s Academia Ollin Program at Soledad High School.

The Bigger Picture

A Collaboration with Youth Speaks (SF/Oakland based). This project aimed to combat the rising epidemic of Type 2 Diabetes in our community by empowering youth to change the conversation about the disease. Through the use of the arts as a tool to educate our community, students and creative leaders developed art that focused on changing the social and environmental factors that have led to its spread.

Como La Tierra

A collaboration with CounterPulse (Sf Based) Investigating and appreciating the fine beauty, life and love that both provide, along with need for appreciation and respect for them both. This performance was created by holding 12 workshops with community members and artists as well as local artists using various art disciplines to explore and discover how even through modern technology we can bring ourselves and communities closer to the Mother Earth.

A Tree In The Valley / Un Árbol En El Valle

A feature-length film that displays the talent, culture, and potential of the youth in Salinas. Based on multi-disciplinary artworks and stories of inspiration, strength, and individuality. This film incorporates visual arts, music, creative writing, photography, and acting, all by high school students and recent graduates. The purpose of this project was to provide students with the opportunity to voice and express themselves, as well as gain insight into the power of the arts.  “A Tree in the Valley” had its premiere screening at The Fox Theater in May 2014 to a crowd of over 500 people. Through this project, our students learned not only more about their specific art form, but also how to collaborate with other artists, how to curate an exhibit, and the many stages of developing a project.

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